Monday, July 11, 2016

Submissive Asian Phone Sex Massage Parlor


  I needed a quick way to make some extra money on the side and one of my friends told me that asian phone sex massage parlors are huge! She said that american men just love asian pussy and they can't get enough. I was a little confused at first because I couldn't understand what massages had to do with asian pussy until she told me about happy endings. She said that I didn't have to finish guys off with my pussy, that it could be with my mouth or even just my hands. I have been told that I have amazing hands and I think it's pretty easy to give a massage. So I rented a room in a medical building and started my own massage parlor.
  I didn't know what to expect when my first client walked through the door. I mean really how do you know if a client just wants a massage or if he is really there for the happy ending that only a submissive phone sex girl like me can give to him? It turns out there was no room for confusion. He stripped down to just a white towel and once I put the warm oil on his body and leaned over him to start massaging him he started moaning. I could tell that he was enjoying it in more than just a strictly professional manner. Suddenly he rolled over on to his back and said that he was ready for the best part of all, his happy ending. I could see the huge tent that his erection was making in the front of his towel.
  I slowly pulled his towel out of the way. I couldn't believe how huge his cock was, it was so much bigger than the asian dicks I had seen before. My mouth started to water and my eyes grew big in appreciation for what was before me. I watched his face as I slowly trailed my tongue around the swollen mushroom head. He was dripping pre-cum onto my pink asian phone sex tongue. I opened my mouth up wider than I ever have before and sucked him right into my mouth like a good little asian slut.
  He was so turned on feeling my warm wet mouth wrapped around him and looking at my tight asian phone sex body that it didn't take him long at all to blow a massive load of cum right down the back of my throat. I had to swallow so fast to make sure that I swallowed every last drop of it. I didn't want it to dribble out of my mouth and stain the front of my dress when I still had the whole rest of the day and hopefully a lot more customers to cum. That first taste definitely turned me into a cum slut phone sex girl. I can't wait for my next mouthful.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Caught Stealing Submissive Phone Sex


  I was getting ready to leave work for the day when I felt a big hand clamp down on my shoulder. I spun around to see my boss standing there behind me. He told me that I was to go straight to his office before I left for the evening. I walked in hopeful that I had been chosen for a promotion but once he locked the door behind us I knew that wouldn't be the case at all. My boss started telling me that he had noticed some money had gone missing from the register and that he knew it was me because he had reviewed the video coverage. He said that I was fired and that he would be calling the police next to have my thieving asian phone sex ass arrested. I was so mortified.
  I knew that my only hope of possibly getting out of this would be with submissive phone sex so I dropped down to my knees and I started pleading with him. I told him that I would do whatever it took. I guess that was what he was waiting to hear because he slid his zipper down and told me to get to work sucking. He shoved my head down toward his dick and told me to open wide like a good little suck whore.
  He pushed his dick so far down the back of my throat that I was gagging and my eyes were watering. I could feel his cock head against the back of my throat and he kept pumping it in and out of my mouth while he ripped my shirt open and started fondling my tits. I had a feeling that forced phone sex was next whether I wanted it or not. My only option was to let him do what he wanted or to go to jail so I put up with him pawing me and tearing my clothes off. Then he shoved me fast down against his desk.
  He grabbed my hair as he rammed his dick inside of my no limits phone sex pussy and started pounding away. I didn't want it at all so I was so dry that I felt like screaming out in pain when he forced it inside of me. He laughed as he yanked on my hair and told me that I could keep my job but that my number one duty from this day forward would be to service his dick anytime that he told me to.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Golden Showers Phone Sex


  Do you have a fetish for golden showers phone sex the way that I do? I would absolutely love to have some potty play fun with you. I can tell that the thought of it excites you but you seem a little shy about bringing it up to me. I decided that I'm going to surprise you with it tonight. I made a nice dinner for you and we had the yummiest wine. I made sure not to use the bathroom before you arrived so that my bladder would get nice and full for you. I know that the sight of me in my short skirt and my low cut top will get you nice and horny.
  You just love my tight asian phone sex body don't you baby? You like to run your hands over my round sexy ass and my long legs. Slowly strip my clothes off of my body and reveal my tight little pussy. That's what you want to see isn't it? You want a taste before you slide deep inside of me and make me yours. Lay down on the living room floor so I can straddle your face. Once I lower my pussy over your face I want to feel your tongue sliding up and down my smooth cunt lips. Tease my clitty and while your tongue is flicking back and forth over it, you're in for a big surprise.
  As the warm golden showers start to flow from my pussy and into your mouth you realize that I've got some kinky potty play phone sex in store for you. As it starts to flow out and splash across your face your eyes and your mouth open wide with surprise. This is what you've been wanting, craving and jerking off to isn't it? I saw on your computer that you've been watching piss porn when I'm not around. Open wide and swallow it all down. Feel it filling your mouth and flowing down the back of your throat. So delicious isn't it? I can see how rock hard your cock is. It's dripping so much pre-cum that I think you might cum without even touching yourself. Make sure to suck every last drop of my delicious piss out of my pussy and lick it dry.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Slutty Asian Phone Sex Princess


  I want to be your slutty asian phone sex princess. My parents tried so hard to shelter me and only expose me to the asian community. They told me that I had to stay pure and remain a virgin so that a good man from a good strong family would pick me as his wife. It didn't take me long of being in a public school before I realized that was not the life that I wanted at all. I wanted to be like all of my American friends and play around with the boys. I started out with asian boys because they were familiar to me and that's what I was used to being around. It was ok but nothing really exciting. I thought they were completely normal down there until I went out with my first american boy. He was so much bigger I couldn't believe my eyes when he pulled his dick out and told me to suck it.
  I have to admit that I like how aggressive he was and the way that his big white dick really stretched my cheeks open wide. If it felt that incredible in my mouth I could only imagine how much better it would feel buried deep in my asian phone sex pussy. He laid me back like a little asian doll and put my legs up on his shoulders and slid so deep inside of me that I couldn't help but cry out. I could feel him stimulating every single spot in my pussy and I had an almost instant orgasm when he started pumping in and out of me.
  The feel of him dominating me so thoroughly and turning me into his little submissive phone sex doll made me cum over and over again. His dick was soaked with my pussy juices and it was dripping down to his balls before he exploded deep inside of me. The feel of that hot sticky cum pumping so deep inside of me and filling me up like that sent me over the edge and into yet another toe curling orgasm.
  Finally getting to experience a big dick and being sexually satisfied like that made me into a total size queen phone sex princess. Now I no longer date asian guys. Why should I have to suffer through a boring unsatisfying sex life just because that's what my parents want for me. I'm done with that, I'm much happier being a total cum slut phone sex toy for some big dicked american. Yum! I just can't get enough and I am no where near ready to tie myself down to one man.

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