Monday, July 11, 2016

Submissive Asian Phone Sex Massage Parlor


  I needed a quick way to make some extra money on the side and one of my friends told me that asian phone sex massage parlors are huge! She said that american men just love asian pussy and they can't get enough. I was a little confused at first because I couldn't understand what massages had to do with asian pussy until she told me about happy endings. She said that I didn't have to finish guys off with my pussy, that it could be with my mouth or even just my hands. I have been told that I have amazing hands and I think it's pretty easy to give a massage. So I rented a room in a medical building and started my own massage parlor.
  I didn't know what to expect when my first client walked through the door. I mean really how do you know if a client just wants a massage or if he is really there for the happy ending that only a submissive phone sex girl like me can give to him? It turns out there was no room for confusion. He stripped down to just a white towel and once I put the warm oil on his body and leaned over him to start massaging him he started moaning. I could tell that he was enjoying it in more than just a strictly professional manner. Suddenly he rolled over on to his back and said that he was ready for the best part of all, his happy ending. I could see the huge tent that his erection was making in the front of his towel.
  I slowly pulled his towel out of the way. I couldn't believe how huge his cock was, it was so much bigger than the asian dicks I had seen before. My mouth started to water and my eyes grew big in appreciation for what was before me. I watched his face as I slowly trailed my tongue around the swollen mushroom head. He was dripping pre-cum onto my pink asian phone sex tongue. I opened my mouth up wider than I ever have before and sucked him right into my mouth like a good little asian slut.
  He was so turned on feeling my warm wet mouth wrapped around him and looking at my tight asian phone sex body that it didn't take him long at all to blow a massive load of cum right down the back of my throat. I had to swallow so fast to make sure that I swallowed every last drop of it. I didn't want it to dribble out of my mouth and stain the front of my dress when I still had the whole rest of the day and hopefully a lot more customers to cum. That first taste definitely turned me into a cum slut phone sex girl. I can't wait for my next mouthful.

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