Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Slutty Asian Phone Sex Princess


  I want to be your slutty asian phone sex princess. My parents tried so hard to shelter me and only expose me to the asian community. They told me that I had to stay pure and remain a virgin so that a good man from a good strong family would pick me as his wife. It didn't take me long of being in a public school before I realized that was not the life that I wanted at all. I wanted to be like all of my American friends and play around with the boys. I started out with asian boys because they were familiar to me and that's what I was used to being around. It was ok but nothing really exciting. I thought they were completely normal down there until I went out with my first american boy. He was so much bigger I couldn't believe my eyes when he pulled his dick out and told me to suck it.
  I have to admit that I like how aggressive he was and the way that his big white dick really stretched my cheeks open wide. If it felt that incredible in my mouth I could only imagine how much better it would feel buried deep in my asian phone sex pussy. He laid me back like a little asian doll and put my legs up on his shoulders and slid so deep inside of me that I couldn't help but cry out. I could feel him stimulating every single spot in my pussy and I had an almost instant orgasm when he started pumping in and out of me.
  The feel of him dominating me so thoroughly and turning me into his little submissive phone sex doll made me cum over and over again. His dick was soaked with my pussy juices and it was dripping down to his balls before he exploded deep inside of me. The feel of that hot sticky cum pumping so deep inside of me and filling me up like that sent me over the edge and into yet another toe curling orgasm.
  Finally getting to experience a big dick and being sexually satisfied like that made me into a total size queen phone sex princess. Now I no longer date asian guys. Why should I have to suffer through a boring unsatisfying sex life just because that's what my parents want for me. I'm done with that, I'm much happier being a total cum slut phone sex toy for some big dicked american. Yum! I just can't get enough and I am no where near ready to tie myself down to one man.

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